The 4Fives Work on an Upcycling Project With S&W

Hello Everyone I am going to tell you about our first trip to visit Steven and William!!!

When we went to Steven and William’s studio we worked on an upcycling project.  What we did is we watched Steven was cutting a big piece of trimming leftover from a place called the Invisible Dog. William said that we are working with buckles that were going to be thrown away, but that he rescued them to work on a project. And he said that these buckles are very dirty. They told us that our job was to string the buckles onto the trimmings.  We were going to add these to a chandelier they were making for their studio.

We started doing it and everyone had a lot of buckles and we worked as fast as we could. Bee said we were having a competition and we all said “WHAT” then we went back to work and Ray was saying “This is hard”.  But we had to finish these strips because if we didn’t finish it, then Steven and William were not going to hang it up.

We took a break for lunch and we ate lunch as quick as possible because we had to finish our competition.

We are really lucky that we did finish it. It was cool.




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