Designing the Season 2 Logo!

Good Morning People,

Today I am going to tell you all about our logo that we’ve work on.

So one day in Art class we went in and we all sat in a circle and we were looking through different company logos so that we could understand why people choose different logos to represent themselves. Then we stop to look at a logo that was a panda and Ms. Kimball told us that a panda represents the logo for the World Wildlife Fund.

Before we made the designs Ms. Kimball listed down the projects we been working on in the classroom and we said” the garden project, the La Oroya project, and the Water Project.”

After that Ms. Kimball signed us up with partners and so we had to work together as a group. After that, we went to our seats and she told us to make designs to see what’s best for our logo. Then she and Bee came around to check everybody’s designs.  After that Ms. Kimball called one person to share their designs in front of the whole class.  We put our designs together and came up with our logo.




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One Response to “Designing the Season 2 Logo!”

  1. Malaysia Says:

    Nice Blog Post Maya!

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