The 4Fiver Kids Visit Chris Astley!

When we went to Chris Astley studio we saw all of the art that was made from his bare hands.

We saw Chris Astley working and we saw our editor helping him (guess what? Edie is his daughter!) So then we went in the studio and said “hi, hello nice to meet you!” Then we put are jackets on his big chair.

Chris talked to us about a project that were going to do together.   We were going to cast our fingers in whatever shape we wanted.

But to make the cast, first we had to put our fingers in the slimy stuff in the cup and wait there just for 10 minutes, but I said “that it feels too slimy and feels too nasty!” When we took out our fingers we saw a hole where our fingers were at.  Then we poured this material in the hole that needed time to dry and get hard.

Chris said that we would come back to paint them.  I was so happy that next time we come we get to paint our casting of our fingers that we made.

It was great meeting Chris and it was fun meeting Edie and I thought that our editor was 19 years old but she is 12 years old. Chris was happy to see us and I was happy to see him too.  He makes some cool stuff like the big square that is hanging on the side of the wall.  He is the master of art and he is great and cool. Chris is the best and is like a king.

At the end we were thirsty. So we got a drink of water. John asked Chris if he had soda and Bee and Ms. Kimball kept laughing about that but I don’t really know why.

Then we said “goodbye” and “see you next time when we come back and have more fun. “ We walked to the train and went back to the school so our moms could pick us up.

I had so much fun in Chris’s studio after school.



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3 Responses to “The 4Fiver Kids Visit Chris Astley!”

  1. Malaysia Says:

    nice blog post Malaysia!

  2. Malaysia Says:

    nice blog post Emanuel!

  3. shamani wright Says:

    i enjoy looking at the pictures i just showing some love to Maya and Malaysia.

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