Taliya Upcycles!

Hello everyone!

My name is Taliya.  I am going to tell you in my post about an upcycling project that I did!

One day, I walked in the classroom, and Bee said “Hey Taliya! Do you want to do an upcycling project?”

I said “Yes, I would.”

Bee told me that we were going to upcycle these paper shapes into decorations for our windows.

I said “Where did you get these paper snowflakes from?”

She said “Me and my friend went to this show and while we were sitting in the audience all of these paper snowflakes fell down from the ceiling.  And we just grabbed them so that I could bring them to school to make a new project with.”

Then Bee said “I knew I should bring them in so my friend Taliya can upcycle these snowflakes.”

And then after that Bee showed me how to make the decorations with the snowflakes.  At first I though it would be very hard to make these decorations, but it was really easy.

And now I am going to tell you how you do it.

First, you get a string and needle and then you get as many paper snowflakes as you want. Then you go in the very center of the snowflake and poke it in the middle, with the needle.  Then after you do that push the snowflake down on the string very slow so it can be very neat. Oh yeah, and you have to cut a long string so all of the flowers can fit on that one big string. And then when you are done you can just add more to it so it can look very nice.

When you are doing that you do not have to push all of the flowers all together, you can space them all out.

And then when I was doing it and I felt very happy.

And then when you do that you can bring it home or you can leave it in your classroom.




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One Response to “Taliya Upcycles!”

  1. Malaysia Says:

    Nice Taliya!
    Upcycling is a good thing

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