Katherine Fairfax Wright Works Magic With the 4Fives!


My name is Maya and I am going to tell you about a great visit that we had yesterday from a great woman… Katy Wright! She taught us about finding treasures, and she also taught us about a very sad thing that is going on in a part of Africa.

Today I made a video to tell you about our experience. I hope that you enjoy it.

Thank you,



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3 Responses to “Katherine Fairfax Wright Works Magic With the 4Fives!”

  1. merary Says:

    i run into the 4fives at the park today i was so happy to see the 4fives and they are growing so big and happy see ms eva and ms ladd i hope see you again next time

  2. merary Says:

    great pic you guys you guys are work hard for blog really like the work you guys are doing

  3. SuperForest Interviews: Katherine Fairfax Wright at SuperForest Says:

    […] Katherine is tall, well-read, fiery, compassionate. A busy yogini, chef, writer, documentarian, blogger, who took the time to venture to Brooklyn and spend the day with the 4Fives. […]

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