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The 4Fives at the Textile Art Center!!!!!! :)

April 13, 2010

Hey everyone guess what we did last week?

We went with Bee and Ms. Kimball to her friend Visjna’s art studio, the Textile Arts Center.  When we got there, Ms. Kimball kept knocking on the door but her friend didn’t answer because her back was turned to us. Finally, Visjna opened the door then we entered and sat on the floor and she started started to talk to us about weaving. Then she said “have you kids been doing weaving at your school?”, and we said “yes.” Then she said “ok this will be easy for you guys and girls”.

Visjna teaches us how to weave.

Then she said “we will be doing weaving today”, then we said “cool!”

A loom at Visjna's studio.

Then she said “look at the yarn and choose which one you want to use.” We started looking at the yarn then she said to pick one then everybody picked one. I picked one and it was red.

Adrian and I choose our yarn.

Ms.Kimball started calling us for groups and I was in group 5 and I went to my loom.

My group at our loom.

Then all we had to do was put the string on the loom, put our feet on the pedals, put our yarn through the other strings and pull back the beater to push our yarn together.  Then you keep repeating it.

Another group on a loom.

I finished and then all we had time for was to make one more.  Then Ms. Kimball said “you guys know you can make one for me.”

Ms. Kimball helps Deven with weaving.

Then I thought about making one for Bee then I started weaving one for her. Then the class finished. Then I finished making my weaving project for Bee.

My present for Bee.

Now I am going to tell you the steps of weaving on a weaving machine:
Step 1- First you pick a yarn.
Step 2- Then you wait for your group be called.
Step 3- Then you go to your machine.
Step 4- Then you tie your yarn to the warp.
Step 5- Then you step on the pedals.
Step 6- Then you pass the yarn through the warp threads.
Step 7- Then you let go of the pedals.
Step 8- Then you push the beater down.
Step 9- Then you push down the other pedals that you didn’t push in Step 5.
Step 10- Then you keep repeating steps 5-9 and finish the rest of your weaving.
Step 11- Then you are all done.

I hope that you liked my blog post.

SFJ: How to Draw Cute Animals on Robot Heads

March 12, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Taliya and I just wanted to say how we had another Skype with our best friend Jackson.

And it was very fun and funny.

And what we did on our Skype with Jackson is we learned how to draw an eagle sitting on a robot head.

Here is how you can do it!
1. First you draw an arch.
2. Second you draw a line on both sides.
3. Then you draw an up and down line to make it looked like its wings.
4. After you do that then you draw a mouth and you can make it look mad or you can make it look very happy.
5. Then you can draw some really cool eyes and make then however you want.
6. Draw the feet I totally forgot and draw some sharp feet.
7. And then if you want you can draw a draw a robot head right under the eagle.

Now all I want to say is how I loved drawing with Jackson. It is very fun and funny when we chat with him. And what I liked about drawing an eagle was first how it was so easy. It was very fun, and I had a great time.

I love Jackson we will always be friends.


The Fivers Long-Distance Draw With SFJ

February 24, 2010

Hello everybody!

This is Nicholas from the 4Fives, and I am going to teach you how to do a lion because JACKSON taught us so I am sharing it with you.  And we, the 4Fives, are going to be drawing professionals!

Yesterday, we were on Skype with Jackson. We learned how to draw a lion with him and how to draw a tin man too.

We are proud to show you how to do a lion and tin man too, so it is my pleasure to show you. These are the steps to draw a lion, ok?

Step 1: you draw an arch.

Step 2: you draw an up side triangle inside the middle of the arch like a cat nose.

Step 3: you draw two eyes above the triangle.

Step 4: then you draw 2 lines in the eyes and color them in.

Step 5: draw a “w” on the bottom of the arch.

Step 6: draw whiskers coming out of the triangle.

Step 7: draw small lines on it for other whiskers.

Step 8: draw two teeth coming out of the “w” (like fangs).

Step 9: draw hair around the top of the head.

Step 10: you make a big bubble on the side of it and write some thing inside of it like “the 4Fives rock” and “SuperForest rocks” and “Bee Ladd rocks” and “JACKSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!! “.

And I wrote  “SuperForest rock and Jackson rocks and the 4Fives rock and BEE LADD ROCKS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Happy birthday to Jackson, because it is his birthday on Sunday.  We love you very much Jackson, you rock.

Here are our drawings!




Planning a School-Wide Scroll-a-Thon With Steven & William!

January 19, 2010

Good morning, everyone!

Today is a sad day for the 4Fives. For the past like two weeks or so, Steven and William (Bee’s brothers!) have been at PS 58 everyday to do a Scroll-a-Thon with the whole school.  It has been mad fun!  The 4Fives got to help them with everything, and plus Bee made us video tape everything so that we could document it.

But before Steven and William came to do the project, we got to go to their studio and do the whole thing with them!  It was really fun. We are a really lucky class because we always get to go to their studio and other artist studios too.

Keep checking back because we are going to post videos and pictures of the school Scroll-a-Thon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Haiti Printmaking Project

January 15, 2010

Good morning everyone.

Today I have to write a really sad blog post.

Bee and Megan have been teaching us all about the tragedy that has happened this week in Haiti. It is the saddest thing that has ever happened. In Haiti, the people are poor.  There was an earthquake over there and I feel bad for them. I had never seen an earthquake but on the video that Bee showed us we saw so many buildings that were destroyed. I don’t understand how these people will ever be able to have money to build new houses. The whole thing just makes me want to cry.

A lot of people died in Haiti. People were crying that there friends and family had died. So many people were trapped in the buildings and I think that they still are.

Even though everything is very very very sad, we are going to try to do something positive to help. Bee asked us “what do you think that we could do to help?” and Nick said “I think that we should do like sell bags and t-shirts.” and I said “yay! we should make a design and then we can screenprint them on stuff and sell them and send the money to Haiti.” And Bee said “Yay! Good idea!”

So yesterday here is the design that we came up with to put on the bags and shirts:

The 4Fives Haiti Logo!

Bee and Megan are going to do printmaking with us next Tuesday so that we can start our fundraising project right away.

Oh, and also three teachers at our school all have a lot of family in Port-au-Prince. Ms. Handel, Ms. V., and Ms. Blackwell are those teachers. We are really hoping that their family members are okay. But there is really no good way to get in touch with them to find out if they are okay.

Well, that’s all. But if you think that you want to help the people in Haiti, and if you don’t know how you could help, then you should send us a comment and you could buy a bag or a shirt from us. That will definitely help them.



The 4Fiver Kids Visit Chris Asley… PART 2!!!

January 13, 2010

Hello everyone! I am going to talk about our after school visit to Chris Astley’s studio.  We went there for a 2nd time, and it was really fun! We were lucky because Jackie Lam went with us.

When we got there, Chris said to take out your finger casts from the cups. It was really hard to take it out, so I asked Jackie help and he got my fingers out. I said “thank you.”

Chris said “when you are done, paint your castings however you want to.”  So I painted mine red and blue. He said to leave them on the paper to dry.

Then Edie said “do you want to play out in the hallway?” And we said “yes. “ Edie was it at tag, and she was fast but not fast enough for me.

We also got a bunch of bubble wrap and stomped on it like crazy.  When we played with bubble warp it was really fun and the funny part was when Bee and Jackie was doing it with us.

After we played for awhile, Chris said “let us see your finger casts.”  We said “ok.”

They looked amazing !!!  We loved them!!!


I hope enjoy my post.



P.S. Chris ROCKS!


The 4Fives Rock Out With Embroidery!

January 8, 2010

The 4Fives have been working on a really really really awesome project with Bee and Ms. Kimball.  We are learning embroidery!

So here is how things happened.  We walked into the art room, and said “Hi” to Bee’s great friend and our good art teacher Mrs. Kimball. She said and Bee said “we are going to do something cool.”

So we sat down on the rug then Bee pulled out a box. Then we said “what is in the box?” the she said “it’s a surprise!”

Then Bee opened the box and we saw lots of pieces of string. Then we said “what is it?” and Bee said “embroidery thread” and we said “can we do some” and she said “yeah! That was the surprise!” and we said “cool.”

Then Bee pulled out some needles and somebody said “what are we going to embroider on?” and Bee said “the logo”.

And then we started and she said “WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFUL WIH THE NEEDLES” cause they were very sharp and we said “ok”.

Before we started, Bee showed us some of the steps of embroidery, like how to thread a needle and how to do a running stitch and how to do a satin stitch.  Then we got started and we said “this is kind of hard”.  Bee said “it takes practice”.

Then little by little we started to get it and it was kind of fun when we started and it was our first time doing the embroidery and I couldn’t stop doing it cause it was really fun.

I really hope that we do more embroidery.  Hint hint Bee.



The 4Fives Work on an Upcycling Project With S&W

January 6, 2010

Hello Everyone I am going to tell you about our first trip to visit Steven and William!!!

When we went to Steven and William’s studio we worked on an upcycling project.  What we did is we watched Steven was cutting a big piece of trimming leftover from a place called the Invisible Dog. William said that we are working with buckles that were going to be thrown away, but that he rescued them to work on a project. And he said that these buckles are very dirty. They told us that our job was to string the buckles onto the trimmings.  We were going to add these to a chandelier they were making for their studio.

We started doing it and everyone had a lot of buckles and we worked as fast as we could. Bee said we were having a competition and we all said “WHAT” then we went back to work and Ray was saying “This is hard”.  But we had to finish these strips because if we didn’t finish it, then Steven and William were not going to hang it up.

We took a break for lunch and we ate lunch as quick as possible because we had to finish our competition.

We are really lucky that we did finish it. It was cool.



Our Upcycling Art Installation Project!

January 5, 2010

The 4Fives are learning all about upcycling. Upcycle means that you can’t throw away like boxes or paper towel rolls because you should make them into something better that you can use.

So we went to the art room to make an upcycling project with Bee and Ms.Kimball. We went inside the art room and Ms.Kimball showed us what were going to do.  We used toilet paper rolls.  We cut them into small circles. Then we painted the circles in different colors.  We painted a million circles and this month we are going to put them together and make an art installation in our classroom.

Oh and while we were painting we put music on.  After we finished, we washed our hands, because our hands had a lot of paint on them. So we washed with soap and we washed with water. It was a lot of fun.