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AAAAAAAnd…. We’re Back!!!!

November 25, 2009

Good morrrrrrning everyone!

This is Taliya.  I know that you all probably think that the 4Fives disappeared, right? Since we haven’t posted or written anything in like 2 weeks?  Well, we didn’t!  We have been like really really crazy doing test prep stuff for our city wide Social Studies exams.  But we just finished the tests last week, and now we are going to get back in action!!!!

There are also a ton of other things going on, and I am going to tell you a little bit about each of them.  Then, when we get back from Thanksgiving break, we will tell you more about them in their own posts!

#1:  Editor-in-Chief.  First of all, the 4Fives have been so so so SO lucky to have their very own Editor-in-Chief!!!! Ms. Edie, the most fabulous of all fabulous kids in the world, has been helping us edit our posts.  Edie is a 5th grade student at a school in Manhattan.  We will be posting an entire post next week dedicated to this awesome girl… so keep your eyes open. ps- Edie, if you are reading this, I am so so so so sorry that we haven’t written any posts or sent you any posts in forever.  I hope you forgive us.

#2: Eco-Tech Blog: Since we haven’t been busy enough (ha ha ha ha ha), the 4Fives have started an Eco-Tech blog!  This blog is going to be focusing on all of the stuff that we are doing that is related to the environment, technology, and art.  We will also be putting all of our La Oroya stuff on this blog.  Check it out HERE!

#3: La Oroya Project: Oh my god. There are so many things to tell you here, but I don’t really know where to begin.  Well, I guess that I will just tell you that we are still Skyping with Jed, we started a business with the coooooolest person ever, Mary-Margret, we are getting ready to start working with a group of kids in Peru, we designed and illustrated a La Oroya logo, we are starting to plan out our DOCUMENTARY!!!! that we are doing, and we are learning all about starting and being a part of an environmental and social movement. Wow.

#4: Our classroom garden is coming along. We are learning how hard it can be to be a horticulturist.

#5: Some of the 4Fives went on an after-school trip to visit the artist Chris Astley!!!

Here are some photos of our trip:

This was like so so so so amazing! Bee and Ms. Kimball took us there.  And you will never guess who was there!  It was Edie! Because Chris is her dad.  So we got to work on this awesome project with Edie. You can read our post about it next week!  I am in love with this project because we get to go back and work there again in just a couple of weeks.

#6: We are getting started on our class water project.  Save water!!!! Yay!!!!

Okay. I am sure that I forgot a bunch of stuff. But there are going to be like a million posts coming very soon. And you will get to see a lot of pictures and a lot of videos.  I hope that you are excited.  Because I am.

Have a great day and a great Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble eat turkey.



Oh. And here is me and Bee being crazy on photo booth this morning.

Aren't we cute?

Aren't we nuts?


Glass Garden… AWESOME.

October 16, 2009

Good morning!

Here is an update on the 4Fives Garden!

Right now our garden is looking good.

A few weeks ago we planted cuttings of basil and mint and violets.  We are waiting for them to grow roots so that we can put them in the soil in the garden.

garden 1

garden 2

garden 3

garden 4

garden 5

garden 6

We also went on a relly cool trip last week to the Glass Garden in Manhattan.  The Glass Garden is a greenhouse and it is neat.  Ms. Kimball used to work there, and we were really lucky that she likes us enough to take us there. They have lots of plants there, but they also have animals too.  We saw a turtle, fish, birds, and a parrot.   The parrot talked! And when we sang “Happy Birthday” he danced.  It was really cool.  4Fivers (LOL!  They are 4Fivers!) and Superforesters Jackson and Jackie kept clapping and singing to the birds and they hung upside down and danced like crazy.

deven ray glass garden

flip glass garden

glass garden

glass garden 2

glass garden bunny


But we didn’t just do that at the greenhouse.  We also planted our own Chinese plants.  The lady gave us a plant that had roots, and then we put it in soil (not dirt).  We watered it and then labeled it so that we could take it back to school.  Then Bee put all of our plants on the bottom layer of the garden lab.  At first I thought this was a bad idea, but she told me that these plants need low-light, which I think means that they don’t need a lot of sunlight to live.  SO I guess that it wasn’t a bad idea.

The really good thing about our garden is that at the end of the school year, when our plants are all grown up, we can take them home, and well have our own garden. We can take care of it and we can all be happy.

Stay tuned for more cool information about our classroom garden!




The 4Fives Rock An Indoor Garden!

September 21, 2009

Hello everyone!  Adrian here.  Today’s post is about the garden lab that the 4Fives are starting.  My friends Malaysia, Maya, and Ray are going to start telling you about the lab, then I will come back and tell you the rest.  I hope that you enjoy reading it!

We are going to start making a garden for our classroom and the garden is going to have fruits and vegetables in it.  Making a garden for our class is a great opportunity to learn about math and science and art and literacy all together!  Bee and Ms. Kimball are taking us on a trip to where Ms. Kimball used to work, and we are going to see a garden there.  I can’t wait to plant our garden with the 4Fives!


The 4Fives are making a garden. We are really lucky, because we were able to snag the school’s garden lab, and put it in our classroom.  A garden lab is a really big unit where trays of plants go.  It has lights on top of it.  It stays inside so that you can grow plants and vegetables indoors.  As soon as we got the garden lab in our room, we saw that it was very dirty.   So we cleaned it out. We cleaned out the bottom and then we cleaned the top and then we finished.

The 4Fives Clean the Garden La

The 4Fives Clean the Garden Lab

Still Cleaning...

Still Cleaning...

Hard at Work!

Hard at Work!

Then we went to the rug to talk about a trip to a place called the green house. We also had a lot of fun preparing for our garden.


It makes me happy that I am going to be helping to plant things in our garden.  One thing that I am very excited about is that people are going to enjoy it.  The 4Fives are going to rock this garden and protect it as a group.  It makes me happy to be apart of the group and after we finish the garden we will eat the vegetables that we grew in our garden. This is a big deal  and I am never going to forget it. I hope you like reading our posts about it this year.


Finally, I made a sign for the 4Fives garden. First, Ms. Kimball and I got a big piece of white paper. Next, we wrote “4Fives Garden” on it and then we colored it to make it look nice. After that, Ms. Kimball drew amazing flowers on the paper and we colored the flowers green and yellow, it really looked amazing! After that, Ms. Kimball and I made little leaves on the flowers.

Finally we were done with the sign. After we finished it, we hung it in our classroom where the 4Fives garden is.