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Hand Washing Demo, Season 2!

September 30, 2009

Hand Washing Demo, Season 2!

Last week, Superforesters Jackson (SFJ) and Jackie (SFJ2) came to see the 4Fives!  We did a ton of things that day, but I am going to tell you about the part that I liked the best!

We did the Hand Washing Demo!  Last year, SFJ came in and he taught us an awesome way to wash our hands.   He taught us to wash our hands and blow bubbles at the same time.  We where having a lot of fun blowing bubbles. Everybody was blowing big bubbles.

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This is how we did the Hand Washing Demo:

We put a little bit of soap on our hands. Then we rubbed the soap all together.  Then we wet our hands with a little bit of water. Then we rubbed them together again.  Next,  we opened our hands and blew a bubble.

I blew a big bubble so did everybody else.  The 4Fives had a lot of fun blowing bubbles.  It is important to wash your hands because you don’t want to get the swine flu.  And, if you get sick you won’t learn in school because you will be missing the school days.  Every day wash your hands a million times.

Thank you SFJ and SFJ2 for coming in.  We love you.  You rock.