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Haiti Printmaking Project

January 15, 2010

Good morning everyone.

Today I have to write a really sad blog post.

Bee and Megan have been teaching us all about the tragedy that has happened this week in Haiti. It is the saddest thing that has ever happened. In Haiti, the people are poor. ┬áThere was an earthquake over there and I feel bad for them. I had never seen an earthquake but on the video that Bee showed us we saw so many buildings that were destroyed. I don’t understand how these people will ever be able to have money to build new houses. The whole thing just makes me want to cry.

A lot of people died in Haiti. People were crying that there friends and family had died. So many people were trapped in the buildings and I think that they still are.

Even though everything is very very very sad, we are going to try to do something positive to help. Bee asked us “what do you think that we could do to help?” and Nick said “I think that we should do like sell bags and t-shirts.” and I said “yay! we should make a design and then we can screenprint them on stuff and sell them and send the money to Haiti.” And Bee said “Yay! Good idea!”

So yesterday here is the design that we came up with to put on the bags and shirts:

The 4Fives Haiti Logo!

Bee and Megan are going to do printmaking with us next Tuesday so that we can start our fundraising project right away.

Oh, and also three teachers at our school all have a lot of family in Port-au-Prince. Ms. Handel, Ms. V., and Ms. Blackwell are those teachers. We are really hoping that their family members are okay. But there is really no good way to get in touch with them to find out if they are okay.

Well, that’s all. But if you think that you want to help the people in Haiti, and if you don’t know how you could help, then you should send us a comment and you could buy a bag or a shirt from us. That will definitely help them.




Deven Posts the Printmaking Photos for Ms. Kimball

January 13, 2010

Here you go, Ms. Kimball. You are the best art teacher that I have ever known and the projects that you do with us are fun!

I hope that you like these.