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Planning a School-Wide Scroll-a-Thon With Steven & William!

January 19, 2010

Good morning, everyone!

Today is a sad day for the 4Fives. For the past like two weeks or so, Steven and William (Bee’s brothers!) have been at PS 58 everyday to do a Scroll-a-Thon with the whole school.  It has been mad fun!  The 4Fives got to help them with everything, and plus Bee made us video tape everything so that we could document it.

But before Steven and William came to do the project, we got to go to their studio and do the whole thing with them!  It was really fun. We are a really lucky class because we always get to go to their studio and other artist studios too.

Keep checking back because we are going to post videos and pictures of the school Scroll-a-Thon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Taliya Upcycles!

January 12, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Taliya.  I am going to tell you in my post about an upcycling project that I did!

One day, I walked in the classroom, and Bee said “Hey Taliya! Do you want to do an upcycling project?”

I said “Yes, I would.”

Bee told me that we were going to upcycle these paper shapes into decorations for our windows.

I said “Where did you get these paper snowflakes from?”

She said “Me and my friend went to this show and while we were sitting in the audience all of these paper snowflakes fell down from the ceiling.  And we just grabbed them so that I could bring them to school to make a new project with.”

Then Bee said “I knew I should bring them in so my friend Taliya can upcycle these snowflakes.”

And then after that Bee showed me how to make the decorations with the snowflakes.  At first I though it would be very hard to make these decorations, but it was really easy.

And now I am going to tell you how you do it.

First, you get a string and needle and then you get as many paper snowflakes as you want. Then you go in the very center of the snowflake and poke it in the middle, with the needle.  Then after you do that push the snowflake down on the string very slow so it can be very neat. Oh yeah, and you have to cut a long string so all of the flowers can fit on that one big string. And then when you are done you can just add more to it so it can look very nice.

When you are doing that you do not have to push all of the flowers all together, you can space them all out.

And then when I was doing it and I felt very happy.

And then when you do that you can bring it home or you can leave it in your classroom.



The 4Fives Rock Out With Embroidery!

January 8, 2010

The 4Fives have been working on a really really really awesome project with Bee and Ms. Kimball.  We are learning embroidery!

So here is how things happened.  We walked into the art room, and said “Hi” to Bee’s great friend and our good art teacher Mrs. Kimball. She said and Bee said “we are going to do something cool.”

So we sat down on the rug then Bee pulled out a box. Then we said “what is in the box?” the she said “it’s a surprise!”

Then Bee opened the box and we saw lots of pieces of string. Then we said “what is it?” and Bee said “embroidery thread” and we said “can we do some” and she said “yeah! That was the surprise!” and we said “cool.”

Then Bee pulled out some needles and somebody said “what are we going to embroider on?” and Bee said “the logo”.

And then we started and she said “WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFUL WIH THE NEEDLES” cause they were very sharp and we said “ok”.

Before we started, Bee showed us some of the steps of embroidery, like how to thread a needle and how to do a running stitch and how to do a satin stitch.  Then we got started and we said “this is kind of hard”.  Bee said “it takes practice”.

Then little by little we started to get it and it was kind of fun when we started and it was our first time doing the embroidery and I couldn’t stop doing it cause it was really fun.

I really hope that we do more embroidery.  Hint hint Bee.



The 4Fives Work on an Upcycling Project With S&W

January 6, 2010

Hello Everyone I am going to tell you about our first trip to visit Steven and William!!!

When we went to Steven and William’s studio we worked on an upcycling project.  What we did is we watched Steven was cutting a big piece of trimming leftover from a place called the Invisible Dog. William said that we are working with buckles that were going to be thrown away, but that he rescued them to work on a project. And he said that these buckles are very dirty. They told us that our job was to string the buckles onto the trimmings.  We were going to add these to a chandelier they were making for their studio.

We started doing it and everyone had a lot of buckles and we worked as fast as we could. Bee said we were having a competition and we all said “WHAT” then we went back to work and Ray was saying “This is hard”.  But we had to finish these strips because if we didn’t finish it, then Steven and William were not going to hang it up.

We took a break for lunch and we ate lunch as quick as possible because we had to finish our competition.

We are really lucky that we did finish it. It was cool.



Our Upcycling Art Installation Project!

January 5, 2010

The 4Fives are learning all about upcycling. Upcycle means that you can’t throw away like boxes or paper towel rolls because you should make them into something better that you can use.

So we went to the art room to make an upcycling project with Bee and Ms.Kimball. We went inside the art room and Ms.Kimball showed us what were going to do.  We used toilet paper rolls.  We cut them into small circles. Then we painted the circles in different colors.  We painted a million circles and this month we are going to put them together and make an art installation in our classroom.

Oh and while we were painting we put music on.  After we finished, we washed our hands, because our hands had a lot of paint on them. So we washed with soap and we washed with water. It was a lot of fun.