Emanuel Finishes AIW!

March 16, 2010

Good morning everyone!!!

Today I am going to tell you what it felt like to draw all of the pictures to retell Alice in Wonderland. Drawing Alice in Wonderland felt good and great.

I liked drawing Alice in Wonderland because it is a funny story. The characters in the book like the Mad Hatter make me want to draw.

Alice in Wonderland is a weird story and it feels like a cartoon and that makes me want to draw. Drawing Alice in Wonderland makes me feel like I’m a star!

I loved to draw and I like to draw Alice in Wonderland for the blog. It makes me feel great, powerful, good, strong and I also happy. I feel excited when I draw Alice in Wonderland. When I drew Alice kicking Bill the Lizard it made me feel that I’m going to laugh.

How I feel about drawing Alice in Wonderland makes me feel that I’m a master of art. It makes me feel good about myself because finally I can be good at something.

Here are the last drawings for the blog. We are finished with the fantasy unit and now we are moving on. I hope that you liked my drawings.


Emanuel Torres

The Mad Hatter testifies…

Alice testifies…


SFJ: How to Draw Cute Animals on Robot Heads

March 12, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Taliya and I just wanted to say how we had another Skype with our best friend Jackson.

And it was very fun and funny.

And what we did on our Skype with Jackson is we learned how to draw an eagle sitting on a robot head.

Here is how you can do it!
1. First you draw an arch.
2. Second you draw a line on both sides.
3. Then you draw an up and down line to make it looked like its wings.
4. After you do that then you draw a mouth and you can make it look mad or you can make it look very happy.
5. Then you can draw some really cool eyes and make then however you want.
6. Draw the feet I totally forgot and draw some sharp feet.
7. And then if you want you can draw a draw a robot head right under the eagle.

Now all I want to say is how I loved drawing with Jackson. It is very fun and funny when we chat with him. And what I liked about drawing an eagle was first how it was so easy. It was very fun, and I had a great time.

I love Jackson we will always be friends.


The Fivers Long-Distance Draw With SFJ

February 24, 2010

Hello everybody!

This is Nicholas from the 4Fives, and I am going to teach you how to do a lion because JACKSON taught us so I am sharing it with you.  And we, the 4Fives, are going to be drawing professionals!

Yesterday, we were on Skype with Jackson. We learned how to draw a lion with him and how to draw a tin man too.

We are proud to show you how to do a lion and tin man too, so it is my pleasure to show you. These are the steps to draw a lion, ok?

Step 1: you draw an arch.

Step 2: you draw an up side triangle inside the middle of the arch like a cat nose.

Step 3: you draw two eyes above the triangle.

Step 4: then you draw 2 lines in the eyes and color them in.

Step 5: draw a “w” on the bottom of the arch.

Step 6: draw whiskers coming out of the triangle.

Step 7: draw small lines on it for other whiskers.

Step 8: draw two teeth coming out of the “w” (like fangs).

Step 9: draw hair around the top of the head.

Step 10: you make a big bubble on the side of it and write some thing inside of it like “the 4Fives rock” and “SuperForest rocks” and “Bee Ladd rocks” and “JACKSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!! “.

And I wrote  “SuperForest rock and Jackson rocks and the 4Fives rock and BEE LADD ROCKS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Happy birthday to Jackson, because it is his birthday on Sunday.  We love you very much Jackson, you rock.

Here are our drawings!




emanuel continues to rock aiw…

February 24, 2010

and what a fine job he is doing! keep it up, emanuel! i can’t wait to see what happens next!



here: the queen meets with the duchess and alice.

here: alice meets the gryphon and the mock turtle.

here: the knave of hearts goes to trial.

here: the mad hatter causes a ruckus in court.

here: the dormouse can’t stay awake…

vacation is over… and we’re back!

February 22, 2010

jordan and bee

ray and bee!

adrian and bee


AIW Part 6…

February 9, 2010

Go Emanuel!  GO GO GO!!!

Alice Listens to the Dormouse's Story at the Tea Party

Alice Meets the 2, 5, and 7.

Alice Plays Croquet at the Queen's Place.



4Fives… Best. Class. Ever.

February 8, 2010

Heyo-hiya-hey there!

Today was a very special day in 4Five-land… 4Fiver (Season 1) Ricardo came for a visit!  Yay!  And he made me a cake with his very own paws!

Annddddd… Ray brought me a nifty party hat… along with roses and a balloon!

bee ladd!

Aaaaannnnnnddddd… everyone sang the bday ditty to me.

Pretty much the best birthday EVER!  Thanks 4Fives.  You guys are so rad, and I love you to pieces.



Jackson Teaches the 4Fives… Robot Drawing!

February 4, 2010

Helllllllloooo everyone!

This is Taliya, and I am going to tell you what we did today. What we did was we had the best Skype ever with our friend Jackson!

First we asked him a lot of questions, and then we asked him if he would teach us how to draw a robot. He told us “go get a piece of paper and something hard to write on”.  So everyone ran to get a clipboard and a piece of paper.  And then he said “are you all ready?”  And we all said “YES!”

So now I am going to tell you how you can draw a robot.

  1. Draw an arch.
  2. Draw two eyes.
  3. Draw a mouth that is shaped like a smiling hotdog.
  4. Draw another mouth around the first mouth.
  5. Draw a line across the mouth.
  6. Draw lines up and down across that line that you just did on the mouth.
  7. Draw the nose… you make two straight lines from the middle top of the mouth to the top of the head.
  8. Draw dark lines on the bottom of the nose, and draw lighter lines towards the top of the nose.
  9. Draw squiggly arms on both sides of the head.
  10. Draw a claw hand on each of the arms.
  11. Draw lines on the arms.
  12. Draw the mushroom ears on the head.
  13. Draw lines under the mouth. They make a shadow so that the robot looks real.
  14. Last, make a word bubble coming out of the robot’s mouth to say something fun.

So that is how you draw a robot.  Thank you Jackson for teaching us how to draw a robot!















I hope that we get to Skype more with Jackson next week! Do you hear that Jackson? Also, Bee told me that you two might make a video for us when she goes to visit you in San Diego!  So I hope that you make one with her!!! It would be, like, so so cool.

Love, Taliya

More AIW!

February 4, 2010

Alice meets the Cheshire Cat…

Alice gets confused by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare…

Great job, Emanuel!



Deven + Jack Attack!

February 2, 2010


I’m going to tell you about Jackson’s visit with the 4Fives.

Well, last week we were in the classroom working and we got a call.  Jackson was downstairs!  So we went down stairs and then we went outside and saw that there were tables and plants right in front of the school!

Then we saw Jackson in a big moving truck and he was giving Bee all of his stuff and she was bringing it to keep in our classroom!

Jackson came out of a moving truck.  We asked him, “Are we going to bring all of this upstairs?” Jackson said, “Yes!”

Then we started to lift up the tables and plants and Jackson gave me something that was cold and I said what is this. Then Jackson said it’s a lantern.

Thirty minutes later, I started to get tired!  I went downstairs and thought about quitting, and then Jackson called out my name “DEVEN!!!!!!!!!”  Then he said, “Can you help us with the rug?”  I said “okay.”

So Emanuel and Travis and Jonathan helped me pick up the rug and carry it upstairs.  The rug was itching me then we went to the classroom and put the rug down and I started scratching myself then I felt better!

After we brought everything to our room, Bee set it up and made it look nice.  All of the other teachers kept asking, “What, is this a project to make your classroom look like a home?” And Bee thought that was really funny.

It was a good day and there is more coming about last week, but you will have to wait to read about that in another post.

I already miss you, Jackson. Here are some pictures for you.