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January 5, 2010

Hello everyone. I am going to tell you about our amazing blog editor Edie.

In the beginning of the school year Bee told us we were going to have an editor to edit our blog. Edie said she would like to be our editor. Anytime the class writes a post Bee emails it to her and Edie checks to see if there are errors or mistakes.

I am glad that she is our blog editor. Edie is very smart. Edie is going to edit any blog post we post. I cannot wait to meet her. Edie is in 5th grade just like me. I really want to Edie to come to visit the 4fives and teach us new things.

Bee showed us a picture of Edie on the blog. She looked so beautiful. She is very tall. Edie is going to be a great editor. If Edie changes all the mistakes on our posts our blog would look nice.

Thank you Edie for being our editor for our blog!




Our Upcycling Art Installation Project!

January 5, 2010

The 4Fives are learning all about upcycling. Upcycle means that you can’t throw away like boxes or paper towel rolls because you should make them into something better that you can use.

So we went to the art room to make an upcycling project with Bee and Ms.Kimball. We went inside the art room and Ms.Kimball showed us what were going to do.  We used toilet paper rolls.  We cut them into small circles. Then we painted the circles in different colors.  We painted a million circles and this month we are going to put them together and make an art installation in our classroom.

Oh and while we were painting we put music on.  After we finished, we washed our hands, because our hands had a lot of paint on them. So we washed with soap and we washed with water. It was a lot of fun.



January 4, 2010

Today I am going to talk to you about ceramics.  During art, we learned about working with clay from Ms. Kimball and Bee.  We learned about the different types of clay and how to make ceramics out of clay. We also learned about painting clay.

What I did in art is I made a big ceramic sculpture.  I put little things inside of a huge bowl and I painted every thing a different color.  You can see my picture of the sculpture below… but I don’t have a painted picture yet.

I am going to tell you the steps for how to do the ceramics.

Step1: get a piece of clay.

Step 2: take a piece of clay and roll it up like a ball.

Step 3: put your hands in the water and spread it around the clay.

Step 4: make a funny thing with it like a snail or what every you want.

Step 5: if you want to attach the pieces of clay together, you have to scrape on both sides of the clay with a knife so that it sticks together.

Step 6: let it dry!

Step 7: paint it whatever color you want.

So those are the steps to making ceramics.  And the people who talked to us about this was Bee and Mrs. Kimball. Bee and Mrs. Kimball are the best!

Have a good day and Happy New Year.


Intro. to Printmaking… 4Fivers Learn Some Skillz!

December 7, 2009

The 4Fives learn about Printmaking… a photo entry!


Glass Garden… AWESOME.

October 16, 2009

Good morning!

Here is an update on the 4Fives Garden!

Right now our garden is looking good.

A few weeks ago we planted cuttings of basil and mint and violets.  We are waiting for them to grow roots so that we can put them in the soil in the garden.

garden 1

garden 2

garden 3

garden 4

garden 5

garden 6

We also went on a relly cool trip last week to the Glass Garden in Manhattan.  The Glass Garden is a greenhouse and it is neat.  Ms. Kimball used to work there, and we were really lucky that she likes us enough to take us there. They have lots of plants there, but they also have animals too.  We saw a turtle, fish, birds, and a parrot.   The parrot talked! And when we sang “Happy Birthday” he danced.  It was really cool.  4Fivers (LOL!  They are 4Fivers!) and Superforesters Jackson and Jackie kept clapping and singing to the birds and they hung upside down and danced like crazy.

deven ray glass garden

flip glass garden

glass garden

glass garden 2

glass garden bunny


But we didn’t just do that at the greenhouse.  We also planted our own Chinese plants.  The lady gave us a plant that had roots, and then we put it in soil (not dirt).  We watered it and then labeled it so that we could take it back to school.  Then Bee put all of our plants on the bottom layer of the garden lab.  At first I thought this was a bad idea, but she told me that these plants need low-light, which I think means that they don’t need a lot of sunlight to live.  SO I guess that it wasn’t a bad idea.

The really good thing about our garden is that at the end of the school year, when our plants are all grown up, we can take them home, and well have our own garden. We can take care of it and we can all be happy.

Stay tuned for more cool information about our classroom garden!