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The 4Fives Take on Veggie Central!

March 16, 2010

Good morning!

My name is Nicholas. I am going to tell you about the cool trip that we went on yesterday.

So yesterday the 4Fives went on a trip to Grand Central Station for Veggie Central. Before we left school we all put on our veggie t-shirts and Bee made us go to the bathroom just in case.

First, we went on the train. We took the F train to 42nd street. Then we walked forever and finally got to Grand Central Station. When we went in the place we couldn’t find the people that we were going to meet for the veggie trip and we almost got lost. Finally we saw a guy and we were like “where are the veggie people?” He helped us find them. And then we saw a bunch of kids in the same veggie t-shirts that we had on and Bee’s friends.
Then we sat down and had some lunch.

Then we went upstairs and we saw a bunch of fountains of ranch dressing. I said to Bee “It smells bad, like vegetables”, and she said, “no, it smells bad, like ranch dressing.” But some people like ranch dressing, so it didn’t smell bad for them.

Then we sat down with two other classes and a lady taught us how to plant vegetable seeds. She called on me to come up front and plant a seed. It was cool. I learned something that when you grow seed’s you need to have 1.Soil 2. Water and 3. Sun. And I learned something else too… that when you grow a seed you need to have it in a safe place because if rabbits eat them your garden is going to all gone.

I was a little bit nervous because there was a lot of people there filming and taking pictures and taking notes. Those people were called the media. They were there because they wanted to write about what was happening.

And then something really exciting happened. A famous person named Jennie Garth told us that veggies are really important and then she told us to decorate some bagels with veggies. Vegetables make you healthy. If you don’t like the taste of vegetables, you can dip them in ranch to make them taste better. So we made some smiley-face bagels. We had a lot of fun.

And I am going to tell you the steps to make a smiley-face veggie bagel.

Step 1: Spread ranch dressing on the bagel so that the veggies will stick to it.
Step 2: Choose some round veggies like tomatoes for the eyeballs and stick them on the bagel.
Step 3: Choose another veggie like broccoli for the nose and stick it on the bagel under the tomato eyeballs.
Step 4: Choose another veggie like carrots for the mouth and stick it on the bagel under the mouth.

And that is how you make a veggie smiley-face bagel. After we finished making the bagels, Bee took a picture of her and the 4Fives. It was cool.

I hope that you liked my post!